What is Qi Standard? – 2022

At SPIOCEAN, we are pleased to provide satisfaction and peace of mind to our customers by producing Qi standard wireless chargers with high quality materials and fast charging approved by SGS Company.
Qi (pronounced “chee”) is produced to transmit wireless energy standardized to all devices, same way as USB and Bluetooth. It supports almost one kilowatt of power transfer.
Although unstandardized wireless chargers work with unstandardized phones, but charging unsupported devices with standard power such as Qi would be dangerous and inefficient.
These are more benefits of wireless charger standards such as Qi Wireless Charger:

  1. Having magnetic induction or resonance to transfer energy by converting it to electrical energy
  2. Prevent overloading the Phone’s coil along with its battery and other internals.
  3. Prevent overheating by managing the ventilation system, since heat will deteriorate the battery and damage your phone.
  4. Prevent transferring heat to other Objects such as pieces of metal which may cause overheating, fires, or burns.

All we can say, Qi Standard is remarkably safe, effective and convenient without any power wastes.


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